Air Pollution in Delhi: Things We Can Do to Reduce it

Air Pollution in Delhi

Air pollution in delhi is spreading like a fire in the forest. Now it is one of the major national concerns. And during the winter season anyone can feel the impact of air pollution in the form of thick grey smog(mixture of fog & smoke). 

Due to pollution, every year Delhi loses 10,000 to 30,000 lives. This thing is more than enough to consider that pollution is really a major concern.
In this article we will be going to talk about everything related to air pollution in delhi and what we can do to stay safe in this polluting environment.

Air Pollution in Delhi:-

While we are writing this article, the Air Quality Index(AQI) level i.e. delhi air pollution level is 453, which is really considered to be hazardous thus it makes living not so easy with this type of environment. Every other person is suffering from lung problems, high blood pressure and in the worst case this leads to lung cancer. Pollution is the major cause of chronic and acute respiratory problems. So, how can we control air pollution?

What could be done for Pollution Control in Delhi:-

Since, pollution controlling and maintaining air pollution in delhi is not a one man’s thing, so it is very necessary for everyone to think and react on this situation by implementing things which are necessary to control air pollution.

  • Conserve energy as much as you can. Whether it is school, office, home or anywhere.
  • Use public transport wherever possible.
  • Avoid burning leaves or anything that causes pollution.
  • If possible switch to CNG.

These small things can make a really big change in Delhi pollution control from our side.

Causes of Air Pollution in Delhi:-

  • Pollution caused by the traffic:- 

With increase in the number of vehicles on the road, their emission is also growing gradually which is increasing more harmful gases in the environment. It is one of the main causes of air pollution in delhi which is killing more and more number of people everyday.

Air Pollution caused by vehicles

  • Pollution caused by the crop burning:-

As Delhi shares its border with the states like Haryana, Punjab & Uttar Pradesh, so during the months of October-November farmers from these states burn the rice stubbles in very bulk quantity which creates large quantity of air pollution, thus wind carries all the pollutant and dust particles from these states to Delhi. Which is also one of the main causes of air pollution in delhi.

  • Pollution caused by winter season:-

Due to winter season, pollutants & dust particles gets stagnant which then gets mixed in the fog which ultimately creates a very harmful mixture i.e. smog.

  • Pollution caused by the factories/company:-

Air pollution caused by the factories

Company/Factories is also one of the main reason for delhi pollution. Be it emission from generator or from chimneys of these factories, everything is playing a crucial role in increasing the air pollution in delhi.

How to protect yourself from Air Pollution in Delhi?

There are many ways with which you can protect yourself from these poisonous gases. So, here I am listing all the proven ways with which you can protect yourself from the air pollution. Although these are not 100% reliable ways but yes something is better than nothing when it comes to your health.

  • Don’t run outside if not needed:-

So the no. 1 prevention of air pollution in delhi is to try not to jump outside if not needed. And on top of this, try to keep yourself away from the overcrowded places as much as possible.

  • Use indoor plants:-

According to one famous NASA study, it is found that indoor plants can really help in purifying air as it removes cancer causing poisonous compounds from the air. 

  • Use Pollution Mask:-

There are numbers of face mask out there in the market but the one which I highly recommend is:-

With the increase in the amount of air pollution it is getting really very hard to take a deep breathe in order to keep yourself calm. But there are few air purifier which can help you in inhaling fresh air in the middle of this polluted environment.

And here is the one which I highly recommend:-

So, we need to work on this pollution because the situation is getting worse day by day. There is no single person who can improve this alone, so we need to work together defeat this.

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