Best Books For CAT Preparation in 2020

best books for cat preparation

Just before starting the CAT preparation, CAT aspirants stuck around some difficult and perhaps the life-changing questions i.e. How can I prepare for the CAT? Do I need to join any coaching? Or How to prepare for CAT at home?
Because the CAT requires lots and lots of commitment, hard work, and sacrifice. This is the reason why one cannot simply take this exam lightly, but with right strategy, dedication, study material and hard work you can clear this exam very easily.
So, if the major question which is still running in your mind is how to crack CAT 2020. Then you are at the right place because after reading this article, you’ll definitely get the answer to all of your subtle questions. And you’ll come to know, what all it takes to crack one of the toughest exams i.e CAT.

So if you are aiming for the CAT 2020 then I’d rather say that this is the perfect time to start your preparation. August has already started and CAT generally occurs at the end of November. So you have typically 4 months to prepare for CAT. You might have been hearing people around talking that it is not possible to crack CAT within 4 months. But that’s not true!! with the right strategy & direction, it is possible.

At this point of time joining coaching classes is not recommended, because at this point of time you can only go ahead in your journey if you are passionate enough. And if you have that passion then you can ignite your preparation with the study materials only i.e. Books.

So now the question arises…what all books are required to start your CAT preparation?
Here I am going to provide you the list top-class books which will perhaps help you in clearing one of the difficult exams i.e. CAT.

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1 – Aptitude:-

This is one of the most difficult parts of the CAT examination. But here is the good news, with the right strategy, the right plan and with the right course material, CAT aspirants would easily be able to crack this. So here is one of the best books for Quants which would be your soul partner when you put your hands on CAT’s quant.

Quantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma

In this book the CAT aspirant will get all the types of tips, tricks, and methods which is required to to hit the bullseye in the exam.

2 – Data Interpretation:-

This part is a nightmare for the most of the CAT aspirants but also it is the most scoring part in the whole CAT examination. So you need to stuck with a single course material and start preparing right now.

data interpretation by arun sharma

This is one of the best books for Data Interpretation. This book gives cat aspirants clear guidance on how one can attempt Data Interpretation part with ease.

3 – Verbal Ability:-

This is the trickiest part of the whole CAT examination because for this part you don’t just need a single book or course material. Your grammar should be Type-1 class your sentence formation should be A-one so simply embedding a single book won’t help.
For this part, a cat aspirant should have one active habit i.e. reading. Yes, you heard that right, you need to read read and read a lot!!!
And by reading here I don’t want you to grab a book for cat preparation and start reading it, but you need to read the right books to make your brain train in that way.
For that here are the list of some books which can help you with that:-

alchemist paulo coeleho


These are some of the good books which you would require to crack your CAT examination.
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