Fully automatic vs Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Searching for the best washing machine according to your use sometimes become very tricky. And when you have decided to buy a washing machine then the most common question arises in your mind is which washing machine to buy?

Whether you should go with Semi-Automatic washing machine or with Fully Automatic washing machine?

No worries I have got a solution for you which is buried in this guide. So after reading this guide you will have the idea of what is the actual difference between Semi automatic washing machine and fully automatic washing machine.

So, before actually looking for the difference between a Semi-Automatic washing machine and a Fully-Automatic washing machine let’s look at this table below:

What is the Difference Between a Fully-Automatic And Semi-Automatic Washing Machine?

Semi Automatic washing machine has 2 tubs. One tub is used for washing and the other is used for drying purpose. But in fully Automatic washing machine both functions i.e. washing and drying are done in the same tub. They are automatically done in the same tub that’s why it is said to be automatic washing machine. In this you don’t need to transfer from one tub to another.

Let us talk more about these two types of washing machine in detail:-


Fully Automatic Washing Machine:

So, if you are more focused on saving the space then Fully-Automatic Washing is a suggested piece for you. Due to its single tub performing dual functionality i.e. Washing and Drying of clothes.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine:

The size of Semi-Automatic washing machine is larger than fully automatic. Because it has one extra tub for drying clothes.

Wash Time:

Fully Automatic Washing Machine:

And that is simply not the case with Automatic Washing machine. Because everything is being done at the same tub. You don’t need to transfer clothes from one tub to another.

Ideal Wash Time:

Wash Time + Dry Time: 50 minutes

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine:

When it comes to wash time then semi-automatic washing machine is clearly winning the war. As it takes less time in washing but again after washing the cloth, cloth needs to be dried and for that one needs to transfer their clothes from washing tub to drier tub.

Ideal Wash Time:

Wash Time: 30 minutes
Dry Time: 10 minutes

Quality of Wash:

Fully Automatic Washing Machine:-

No doubt, fully automatic washing machine provides better wash. It washes the clothes thoroughly and removes every possible stain. I.e. it provides deep cleaning.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine:

If you have deep stains then you need to remove it manually with your hands. Wash quality of semi-automatic is not that good when compared with Fully Automatic Washing Machine.

Water Consumption:

washing machine water consumption

It is quite obvious and everyone knows that laundry takes the most amount of water when it comes to household. And everyone always look for the option to reduce the usage of water.

Fully-Automatic Washing Machine:

It needs a dedicated water supply i.e. a dedicated water supply must be there, if you want to have fully- automatic washing machine at your home. This is very convenient but uses more water that semi automatic washing machine.

*A poor water connection could be a problem.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine:

In this you have to pour water by your own into the tub. So it’s totally upto you that how much water you want to use. Also, you don’t need a permanent water connection dedicated for your washing machine.

Power Consumption:

No Doubt, fully automatic washing machines are more convenient but it uses more power, because of its high tech and advanced features than Semi automatic washing machine.


Semi-Automatic machine is much cheaper than a fully-automatic washing machine.

So when it comes to Fully- Automatic washing machine, they have better features, better quality but you need to spend a lot more money on them apart from their upfront cost.

But we have a good news, not all fully automatic washing machine are the expensive. They have price range starting from 15,000/-. 

But the recommended price is 20,000 atleast.

If you are still thinking and haven’t made your mind then we have one last parameter which might help you in finalising your decision.

Bonus: Looking to buy Semi-Automatic Washing Machine?


Fully-Automatic Washing Machine:

At the time of installation, you need one dedicated tap to connect it with the washing machine i.e. you need to do some extra effort at the time of installation but after installation and everything goes well, fully-automatic washing machine is much more convenient than semi-automatic washing machine.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine:

Semi-Automatic machine comes with 2 tubs that make it larger than fully automatic washing machine. But you don’t need to put any extra effort just little more space is required for Semi-Automatic washing machine.


Till this time I’m sure that you have already made up your mind that with which type of washing machine you should go with.
We have all the advantage and disadvantage of fully-automatic and semi-automatic washing machine listed on this article.

So you have full option to make your choice and finalising what would be suitable for you.
Make your choice wisely.

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