How to prepare for CAT in 2020

You have decided to aim for the cat 2020 and get 99+ percentile but one thing in which you got stuck is how you’ll going to trigger this you’ll going to prepare for this examination?.. i.e. how to prepare for cat?. 

Every year over 1.5 lakh people write for the CAT exam. Aspirants all over India are seeking that perfect key preparation strategy for CAT exam 2020.

You might have been looking and making different strategy to crack this exam but deep inside you’re not feeling worthy with those strategies that’s why you are keep looking different strategies and asking yourself again and again that how to prepare for cat.
I guess that’s why you have landed on this page to get that magical formula.

There are thousands of new aspirants who just want to kill it in just one go and keep probing for some CAT preparation tips for beginners. Let’s discuss in this article about how to prepare for CAT.

Well, you know what? The truth is, there are many success stories and preparation mantras floating around us yet none of them is a magic wand.

In no time you will be writing your long-awaited CAT exam, so how to prepare for CAT 2020.

The preparation strategy for CAT exam 2020 is the thing which actually you will decide what works for you and what doesn’t.

But there are always some to-do points and smart work which you could put in your preparation to skyrocket it. Some of those CAT crack tips will be discussed in this write-up.

There are many who are figuring out how to hit the bull’s eyes and then there are others who are still not able to see the bull’s eye. This article here is your saviour.

So before November comes and you have your panic attacks started, let us dive into some CAT 2020 preparation strategies.

Though there are no perfect CAT crack tips which will tell you exactly how to prepare for cat, but below are some easy tips that will provide you with some insight into the preparation strategy for the CAT exam 2020 and what all are the best ways to prepare for CAT.

You will be amazed, how 

This step-by-step strategy will help you to boost up your efficiency and do wonders in your preparation.

Step 1: When to start your CAT preparation.

So there is no definitive time for the cat preparation, it totally depends on person to person. For a person with strong mathematical and logical background, it will not take more than 3-5 months to excel in this exam from scratch.

But for a person who has been below average will take slightly more time i.e. 8-9 months.

This thing totally varies from person to person. But the only thing which is required here is the “consistency” which can make a difference in your CAT exam preparation.

Step 2: Pattern and Syllabus

Bunch of CAT books

Before diving deep into the preparation, do yourself a favor by mugging up the pattern and the syllabus.

Knowing the pattern and all the topics that are to get served to you in the examination will give you a direction for your preparation and an idea that will let you map your progress.

Though the changes are made every year in the pattern, the skeleton of the CAT exam more or less remains the same.

Keeping yourself updated with the pattern will play a major role in your preparation and score.

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Step 3: Rate yourself by attempting Mocks

After getting familiar with the pattern and syllabus, I would suggest attempting mock tests. But why it is that mock test is important? To develop the right Preparation Strategy for CAT exam 2020 & implementing new techniques it is very necessary to go with the mocks!
Thus, it will let you know where you stand before actually attempting your CAT exam.

This step is just to know yourself better so that you could know what your weak and strong areas are. This is one of the best preparation strategies for CAT exam 2020.

Don’t get depressed if you get the lowest score in your mock test in the world, this is the reason you need to take this attempt so that you can work over you where it is most needed.

Rating yourself is one of the most important things you can do to yourself. And if you are just starting your journey and seeking CAT preparation tips for beginners, this is definitely one of them you should make a note of.

Step 4:  Hold your basics very strong

As you are preparing for CAT, you must have already had completed your school and college. Or maybe going to graduate from your college.

The base of CAT preparation is present in school books that get skipped out from our minds over time.

Revising them good and getting a better command over basics is the key in the preparation for CAT.

You have a little plus if you are an engineering graduate because most of the concepts have been a part of your education thus it will be a plus in your Preparation Strategy for CAT exam 2020.

But no worries if you are not a technical graduate, you will get a good hold on your basics in no time.

Step 5: Make mock tests your religion

Trust me when I say this. Make mock test your religion and follow it sincerely.

The confidence you will gain after attempting mocks will actually make you a 100 percentile candidate. Your preparation is only half complete without attempting mocks.

Enroll with some good test series which are easily available online and take this confidence-boosting dose every day. 

At least in the last 45 days of your cat exam preparation, the mock tests should be an integral part of your regime.

The best thing about this practice is that you can actually track your preparation very well. This will help you work on your lacking areas.

After taking many mocks, CAT exam will be just another mock test for you. It will eventually make a big difference in your Preparation Strategy for CAT exam 2020.

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Step 6: Short study sessions

This is one of those smart work I was talking about earlier.

Shortening your study duration can skyrocket your preparation 3 folds. If you are also one of those who think that studying for straight 4 hours in a row is the key to success.

Well, science has news for you.

Decades of studies show that spacing out your study session actually improves your ability to retain things for a longer period of time. (source)

A research study published in 2012 in the National Institute of Health shows that learning is actually a non-linear phenomenon. 

Our capacity keeps decreasing each passing hour. If we compare early learning to the later one, we will find that early learning is quite rapid than that of the later learning.

A Meta-analysis study showed that the distribution of study time over the number of sessions may increase productivity. (source)

So, to score better keep your single study session around 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs with 15 to 30 minutes of rest in between. This is the strategy followed by many CAT top scorers.

Step 7: Interchanging of subjects/topics

The best preparation strategy for CAT exam 2020 would be a smart strategy This is the one that has already proven to work. 

As we discussed distributing our study time into several sessions, choosing a different subject or a different topic in every other session can also multiply your pace for CAT preparation.

Or maybe alternate between two or three subjects or topics. So why does this mixing-up strategy works?

A study published in 2008 in Psychological science by the University of California says that the key is learning, forgetting, and re-learning which actually reinforces the information for a longer duration.

Toggling around different subjects or different topics, force a student to notice the similarities and differences among the different subjects and topics.

It helps them to process this diverse information to have a better and deeper understanding of the subject. (source)

Step 8: Managing time is the key

To do one of the finest management courses from one of the finest management institutions, you need to be a good time manager for sure or you simply does not deserve it.

Prioritize your actions and work on them accordingly. Set different goals according to your weak and strong areas and distribute your time to them accordingly.

Like if you are having a hard time getting on to VARC (Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension), allot a good and productive amount of time for the subject and dedicate 30 minutes to 1 hour short sessions in between to master it.

Plan well how much time you will be dedicated to a particular subject or topic per day, week and, month and analyze if it is enough for the subject or not. 

Using your 24 hours wisely will make all the difference in the world.

Step 9: Set small goals

Here are some Roman Saini’s words about the power of breaking a big goal into different small ones.

Bigger goals get easy to achieve if we break them into several smaller ones.

Big goals often get very hard to achieve and lead to ultimate failure due to a lack of motivation and discouragement.

Breaking them into smaller ones drastically improves the chances to achieve them. But why this strategy works?

Small goals are easier to achieve. This is a human tendency to get enthusiastic at a particular moment and get depressed at another. 

You can use your small duration of enthusiasm and energy to achieve smaller goals because these are well in your range to achieve.

Keep on achieving smaller goals build confidence and it becomes a reason to keep your self-motivation alive.

So, keep on setting smaller goals for some hours, a day, a week, and you will see your bigger and ultimate goals getting accomplished in no time. Thus, it will help you in your cat exam preparation.

Step 10: Don’t underestimate the power of pocket notes

This may sound a kiddish idea to make a pocket-note on a piece of paper, newspaper, or even your palms.

But trust me, it is one of the most rewarding rituals you will be performing throughout your cat exam preparation days.

This strategy may do wonders for beginners or first-timers. You can call this a cat preparation tips for beginners.

As you go through a certain concept, write it down in the smallest way possible on a small piece of paper, or on a pocket note-pad.

Just keep in mind these are not full-fledged traditional notes. They are just some key points that will help you remember all about the concept just by looking at it.

For example, if you have just learned a new concept in Quantitative Ability, jot it down in abbreviation form or in the smallest way possible. Maybe just in a few words.

Here we have to keep in mind that every word we write should be connecting to your full-fledged noted u had prepared for it.

Just by looking at the small piece of paper, the whole section of your notes will appear in your mind and you will be able to remember it for long long time.

The most amazing thing about this is that, it is in your pocket and you can have a look even in your free time and it won’t take long and you will actually revise the whole thing in a matter of seconds.

Even if you don’t give it a look, the thought of its being present in your pocket with certain information which you have learned earlier in the day makes you remember much of the things.

It’s a total win-win.

Step 11: Don’t squeeze your free time in your time table

Becoming a book worm will only reduce your efficiency and will not help you in your cat exam preparation. As it will increase your time period to understand a concept.

It is fine to cheat out a little fun time for yourself, in fact, it is important to increase productivity in your Preparation Strategy for CAT exam

Use this time to chill with family and friends or to pursue your hobbies to freshen-up your mind and body. 

Final Thoughts For Your CAT exam Preparation

  • Scanning the pattern and syllabus for CAT examination will set you on the right path on your way to 100 percentile. This is how to start preparing for CAT.
  • Attempting a mock before you start your cat exam preparation will let you know at what stage you actually are and where and how to start to get better in it.
  • You are nothing without your basics. Get your base really strong if you are serious about CAT.
  • Apart from doing thousands and thousands of questions, make mock tests your integral part of your preparation.
  • Short study sessions make it very easy for our minds to retain information for a very long time and this is one of the best CAT preparation tips for beginners.
  • Interchanging between subjects and topics increases productivity. If you are studying a hard subject for two hours, pick an easy one for your next session. It will keep your confidence alive.
  • Make a good, suitable, and a practical time-table and manage your time very well why preparing for CAT.
  • Setting up smaller goals makes you feel winning every time you achieve one. This will keep you self-motivated and will help you reach your ultimate goal.
  • Pocket-note making is an amazing way to remember and revise a certain thing in a very smart way in a very small duration of time. If best CAT crack tips are in your mind this should definitely be one of them.
  • Have enough rest and sleep and never forget to give time to your friends and family and above all, to yourself. Take your time out and go for a walk or a jog, arrange a family outing, go hiking, etc. these are some of the best way to prepare for CAT.
  • And after reading this whole you might have got the answer to your question that how to prepare for cat.

How Many Questions To Attempt In CAT To Get 99+ Percentile:

As per the experts, attempting 75% in each section with a high precision level would be sufficient to get you around 99 percentile in CAT 2018.

Just focus on accuracy. If you attempt 60 questions with 90+ accuracy, you will be able to get 91+ Percentile for sure. Just make sure to attempt in a balanced manner between all the 3 sections.

-Himanshu Aggarwal, CAT 2015 Topper

And after reading this whole you might have got the answer to your question that how to prepare for CAT 2020 and what should be the right preparation strategy for CAT.

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